On DEC 12 at the Trailblazers game the schools met to launch shirts during the halftime show. Feel free to post your photos of the game. Please post launcher and team photos here.

Winners were announced in the 3 categories.

Longest shot: Roberts High School, Salem
Most Creative: Camas Valley School, Camas Valley
Overall Winner: Arlington High School, Arlington

The Video from the Trailblazers is posted on youtube here.

For Creativity, Camas Valley School won with their pistol that would make Clint Eastwood proud. Unfortunately due to regulations regarding weapons, they had to cover their great design. It would have been a great display of the second amendment. It was a great job and shot well.

Camas HS is featured in The News-Review newspaper. I have received permission from the photographer DD Bixby to post the photos here. The story in The News-Review by DD Bixby is here.
Photos used with permission of DD Bixby and The News-Review newspaper.

For Distance, nothing beats raw power and Roberts HS has this wrapped up in sheer size. Many teams worked on solving tumble and flight dynamics. A cannon ball with lots of power took this with a huge 3 inch piston valve and 4 inch launch tube. During rehearsal, it was noted they needed to reduce power to get shirts to the audience instead of the rafters. Way to go guys.


The overall category went to the little school of Arlington with a nice compact hand held unit with good range able to bounce a shirt off the back wall in the upper deck. Arlington was invited to launch a few more shirts in the 4th quarter with their rapid reload breech loader. The home built 2 inch quick dump valve performed flawlessly at all pressures. Congratulations!

The team;
Mr C meditates while the team waits for dinner

Back wall, 300 level. Don't hit the stats scoreboard!

4th Quarter timeout chaos

Arlington team photos by Technician

Great video of the launcher at practice. Crank up the sound. A quick dump valve is impressive.

The team effort was covered by the East Oregonian newspaper by reporter Erin Mills.
Nice shot by Mr C of the muzzle blast!

Glendale arrived with a great looking inline sprinkler valve launcher with a very nice paint job that performed well.

Oregon City had a unique dual tube design for launching both distance and local.

Tigard had a very creative design and was the only launcher to position itself on the floor under it's own power. Nice design, and it shot well.

Century HS demonstrated relaibility and safety in one of the few launchers with materials suitable for compressed gas. The ball valve is reliable, but presents the challenge of how to open it quickly. Great video of the Boom Stick.

Rainer presented a sturdy inline ball valve design with an air surge tank designed to hold the launcher steady.

Wilson HS presented the only non air powered launcher with a very fast reload time and decent range which almost tagged the windows on the luxury seats. They were a little short of the 300 level, but provided good reliability.

A short video of some of the halftime launches is here.