Q: What is our objective for the Intel/Trail Blazer Engineering Challenge?

A: The first objective is to have fun! We want this experience to be positive and exciting for the students. Learning is the key. We want the students to gain a better understanding of the overall planning and engineering processes that take place in making and testing their device.

Q: How will judging take place, and what criteria will be used to judge the schools?

A: Judging will be done on-line by Intel employees. Schools will be required to submit a no more than 2-page design summary covering 4 areas: process, theories, successes, and how they implemented teamwork overall. No less than .5" margins, Arial or Times New Roman 10pt.

At least 3 team photos need to be submitted with the summary (these are not included in the 2-pager... send separately). Both items are due Friday, November 21, 2008, to laura.j.bain@intel.com

Two category winners and one overall winner will be chosen. Categories will be length/distance of shot and most creative/unique launcher design. However, remember ... All of these schools are already winners! We are very excited to have them blazing the trail for the first Intel/Trail Blazers Engineering Challenge.

The device should be able to shoot a t-shirt at least 50’ into the lower sections. If using compressed air, keep the devices to no more than 100 psi.

Q: What will happen at the Trail Blazer Game on December 12th?

A: This will be an exhibition event for all schools to showcase their t-shirt launchers during the half-time show of the Trail Blazer Game. There will be a pre-determined practice time before the game for schools to test the launchers on the court. Local media will be invited to interview the teams before the game as well.

Winners will be chosen before the game based on Intel employee votes. The overall winner will be announced at the game.

Q: Who do I contact for questions?

A: Laura Bain, Community Relations Manager, 503-712-3099 or laura.j.bain@intel.com


When the competition is complete, students will be asked to share this experience with us via our Inspired by Education website at http://www.inspiredbyeducation.com/

Record your experience with photos and video to share during and after the competition.